fftjet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


The purpose of the FFTJet package is reconstruction of particle jets in High Energy Physics collider data. FFTJet considers the energy flow in the event at multiple angular resolution scales, locates jet-like structures using powerful Fourier-domain filtering techniques, and establishes hierarchical relationships between clusters found at different scales. With FFTJet, you will be able to:
  • Cleanly separate the tasks of defining "what is a jet", locating jets, selecting the event topology, and reconstructing jet energies
  • Utilize global, efficient, collinear and infrared safe jet algorithms
  • Optimally cluster jets in the presence of magnetic field
  • Take into account and suppress the detector noise
  • Understand, analyze, and visualize jet substructure
  • Apply unusual energy flow analysis techniques: fuzzy clustering and multiscale blob detection
  • Run parts of your jet reconstruction code on GPUs
  • And much more...
The FFTJet system is designed to be highly extensible, so that you can easily explore your own ideas about pattern recognition and jet energy reconstruction in HEP events.

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Contact: Igor Volobouev